Important News

Coping with Crisis – Helping Children with Special Needs – click on this link for valuable information on helping your child cope with crisis.

The Dept of Ed document explaining aspects of autism including behaviors that students with autism may exhibit. Click here to view.

Visit our Lake Central Events and Community Events pages for the most current events and Links page for helpful resources.

Lake Central Special Education Managing Board meetings are listed on our Lake Central Events page. Managing Board members are Howard Marshall for Lake Central.

*Please note that not all information posted on our website is meant as an endorsement by Lake Central Special Education but merely as information that may be interesting to our families and visitors.

Important News for Parents

Referral for Special Education Services:
Any individual (ie: parent, teacher, principal) suspecting that a child is having difficulty in the regular classroom and could possibly benefit from special education, should initiate a referral for possible testing by contacting the building principal. Every effort will be made to assist the child at the building level. If strategies fail, permission for testing will be sought. Any questions in this regard, please contact the Director at 219-365-8507

LCSC Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Information
LCSC Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Survey

2023-2024 Lake Central School Corp Calendar
2024-2025 Lake Central School Corp Calendar

Early Childhood information: UPDATED INFORMATION TO COME

Transition Planning Handbook – The attached pdf is a handbook supplied by Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services to help with planning for services at the completion of educational services.

Parents and Students: Our Lake Central Community Activities page on the Corporation website contains links that will connect you to many of the organizations that are involved within the community. Check out the wide variety of opportunities available for our students. Click here to visit the LCSC Community Activities page. Most of the activities will be different than what is listed on our Lake Central Special Education Community Events page.