Lake Central Special Education
8410 Wicker Ave.
St. John, IN 46373
Phone: (219) 365 – 8507
Fax: (219) 365 – 6641

Rebecca Gromala
Director of Student Services

Barb Kepchar
Assistant Principal

Mary Rebey
Assistant Principal

Alison Mazurkiewicz
Assistant Principal

Kim Beach
Assistant Principal

Dean of Special Education Cara Klaich

Dean of Special Education Jereda Snyder

Dean of Special Education Cameron Cain

Dean of Special Education Kim Hayes

Visual Impaired Consultant Melissa Hopkins

Hearing Impaired Consultant Imani Crenshaw

Adaptive Physical Education Bonnie Gruver

Personnel, Early Childhood and Preschool Screening Secretary Robin Mestrich

Pupil/Records Secretary Kimm Maznaritz

Student Initial IEP Secretary Kimm Maznaritz